A temporary ponderance while writing

I continue to enjoy the randomness of my mind and sometimes the inability to find the right search terms in seeking an answer the question I came up with. I say sometimes because without a webpage to refer to my mind gets to drift into possibilities of its own. Continue reading

Day by Day

We wake up at some point and do whatever we do after we wake up. (I don’t call it morning since it might not be for everyone.) Some people smash the shit out of their snooze button over and over again. A practice that makes no sense to me as I believe you should just get up when you you wake up or when you need to, barring of course illness or sleep deprivation. But I’m also one of those people, rare it seems, that once I’m awake I’m ready to go. I very rarely use an alarm let alone the snooze button to get me to a more awake state. I like to think I used the time actually sleeping to get my sleep.
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Movie review: Ender’s Game

I watch a lot of movies and very little television. I rarely, compared to the movies that i watch, feel the need to share my opinion on a movie. This is one of those times. Yes there may be spoilers in this. I haven’t written it yet but i can’t imagine this without some.

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