communication breakdown

I’ve picked up a new word and the use of an old word in a new way.

I am disturbed the first word even exists, or was needed to be made to describe something that shouldn’t exist. I do recognize that I’m way behind the times. This word has been out for a long time and has already been studied. Continue reading

tsa request

@tsa @AskTSA I have a suggestion for those of us with precheck, Would it be possible to set up a site that allows us to see what hours at the airport the FULL TSA Precheck lane would be open? Not just the keep your shows on part but where i don’t need to take out my food, laptop, tablet, powerbank, laptop charger, kindle, etc. If i knew ahead of time that my time would get wasted this way then i could pack differently to make things more time efficient for everyone involved, even if that included showing up 30 minutes sooner to skip the hassle.

Just a suggestion. If anyone else likes this idea, feel free to share this or pass it along.