When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you

I will watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and read from the New York Times, the daily mail, the onion, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on when i want information. For me it’s important to know the differing views that are out there. I can’t claim that one organization is better than another. They all fail in their own ways. They all want clickbait. They all want sensational headlines. It’s what they do. They all fight each other and call each other names and say one is lying and the other is telling the truth. We tend to follow only that which we agree with and agrees with us. That’s human behavior. How many peer reviewed articles are based on bad data and bad analysis. Even the big journals choose craft articles and crap science. Everything goes with a grain of salt. Maybe sometimes a pound.

The end of the end is nie

My nurses this morning told me I needed to step out of the hospital for lunch and go sit in the park and enjoy some sunlight. Slightly macabre but as I was sitting there reading and watching people out and about now that there was sunlight to enjoy, a thought crossed my mind to be thankful that this was at least not the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. If we couldn’t handle things the way they are now, I don’t think we would’ve managed zombies. I do however feel an increased desire to carry a baseball bat around with me now. You know. Just in case.


Will man be around in the distant future

I’ve always thought of sports as a modern coliseum to distract the populace and give an outlet for emotions, a lot like reality tv. And while most athletes aren’t elite in their pay, i started to dislike sports even more a few years ago when i was reading a player, nba i think, went on strike or something and what he was losing each day in earnings was more than the average yearly salary of most people, possible families. That’s what we choose to put our time and money into. Not education or the growth of society, whatever that even means. We want our sports, even if children and adults are getting injuries but just less severe than before, we want our reality tv even though it’s scripted because we want to believe that the grass is greener somewhere else, and many of the people who sacrifice a lot are paid and supported the least. It’s also a distinction of trying to decide what does the individual matter vs what’s important to society.

Go donate blood

I’m excited and scared at the same time. I broke at least one toe a few days ago while exercising, not the first time I’ve done so, and so scheduled an appointment to donate blood today.

Overall it was normal and uneventful. I think over my lifetime I’m close to 15 gallons donated. I started in high school.

What struck me today was the way profiling or the universe came forth. I was told to eat a slightly greasy meal with salt like pizza. What?! How well they know me. And then after, i was given a bag with water, fritos, peanut butter crackers and cookies. OMG! What precision and accuracy in the profiling. I’m ignoring the notion that the bag was already set up this way, as I’m going to believe that it was set up just for me.

If you’ve got time and you’re not planning on doing anything strenuous, go donate. Even though it’s a serious money making business, you might get free cookies.


Well, I soiled myself today after I realized my hoe wasn’t working. That’s just lost productivity and wasted time. And with everything going on these days, it was too late in the day and I couldn’t go out and pick up a new hoe to work with. So even more lost time and productivity. Without the help, I had to do it myself. What a mess! My back hurts and I’m even sweatier although exercise is good for you, even blue zone type of work. My hands. I may need to put plastic bags over them before I eat. Maybe I won’t eat for now. Even with protection (glove up and be protected!), I don’t know how long it will take for the smell to come out since I had to use my hands. There’s still a chance I could get something from everything I was in contact with but it’s unlikely. I scrubbed down already. Tomorrow I already have my eyes on a new hoe but I may instead just get a post hole digger. I know. Not for everyone but it has its niche. It’s about the quality of the hole, not the size. Ok. It’s the quality and the size. With a few quality holes I hope to be able to put in a system so the shafts can go in and out without much friction. The system will also be able to be plugged up so nothing gets in or out that shouldn’t.

Well, going to wash again and tomorrow hopefully get some seeds planted. Already starting to grow lettuce and basil. I think the radish has taken root along with the sweet peppers. Some of the cilantro is making it, some of it isn’t. The strawberries are out but not red yet. I also hope to plant some flowers.


A Good Knife

I’m not Oprah to give stuff away but I can still give my opinion for free:

Every so often these days someone is actually over at my place and on this rare occasion I was cutting up some sourdough bread into thin slices to toast on the stove. This person asked about the knife I was using as it didn’t look like a standard bread knife. Considering how often I use it, I thought I’d share it for anyone that is interested in upgrading their knives. And this would be the #1 choice I would recommend for general use.

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Sunday funday

Sunday could be considered a day of learning for some, so let us try and spread some learning in a different way.

I want you to spread some knowledge. Even if it’s seemingly small to you, it could mean something to someone else. It doesn’t have to be big learning. It can just be a nugget.

For instance, while others may already know this, earlier in 2019 I found it fascinating that I had not really made this connection before in my life. I was cutting my fingernails and noticed that the side of the cutter that my nail was on was the side the nail comes out of. Why do I care or why should I care? Why did this make such an impact on me? Most the time I just cut my nails outside letting the cuttings fall to earth however they may, but in those times I am using a trash can, I would see the nail just flying every which way. Or at least I thought they were it. With this new profound knowledge, I can more effectively cut my nails over a trashcan. Let the world tremble at my knowledge. Let the shedding of nails be done properly and without making a mess.

What great knowledge do you wish to share with others that may seem trivial to you because you made the connection yet to someone else they might find it profound?


To infinity and beyond!

Living in reality doesn’t mean you are giving up on dreams and visions.

Being grounded can give you the perspective to recognize and remember where your foundation is so that you can point in the direction you want to go when you strain to stretch your arm and hand out into the void. Not knowing where you are heading does not mean you are directionless.

Today I had a revelation about my life and while it is difficult to hold onto the thoughts of that moment, the feeling is still there.

May I hold onto the feeling with one hand while my other leads me forth.

Upwards and onwards!