The giving season

In many parts of our country the weather is getting harsher. Winds are picking up. Snow might be starting to fall. The evenings may be dipping into freezing temperatures.

With the holiday season in effect from Thanksgiving through Christmas, thoughts of gifts, family, friends, and the things we wish to give them are in full effect.

It’s also that time of year when unfortunately those who are less fortunate are also affected.

Every year I advocate responsible gifting and that when you give to others, you not only think about what they want but also what they will use. Also consider giving the gift to young ones of knowledge and growth, that helping others can be the rewarding. Perhaps they get to choose one of their gifts to keep and the others will be to donate.

At the least, while you are out shopping and you pass by those on the street seeking money or food, consider carrying around a box of food you can hand out: Granola bars, protein bars, bottles of water. I admit that I don’t like handing out money since I don’t know what it’s going to go towards. I can only hope that the food I distribute in these moments is needed and welcomed. We can’t fix every problem in the world, but sometimes in a single moment we can make a difference.



I just read that the physical kilogram that is stored in Paris will be replaced by an electrical current. It has already been used to measure the weight of the kilogram. But now around the world people will be able to measure their own kilogram weight, assuming they have this incredibly precise scale, to be able to know if their kilogram weight is accurate enough. While this is still not important on the basic consumer level, in the international world and scientific world, this is huge news. Instead of needing to measure a kilogram against the one in the Paris vault, the standard can be kept up-to-date faster. Those small differences that might effect scientific experiments can be recognized and corrected. The small changes that occur in the Paris kilogram will be negated once there is a new truer definition of what a kilogram will be. The idea basically is that an electrical current can be generated to balance out the weight based on its pull. Once that number is calculated it doesn’t matter where you are, you will be able to then calculate what a kilogram is with that electrical current.




New Day

As I continue my very slow but very needed housecleaning, I reached out to an organization that I think is worth donating to, New Day, as I’ve not learned about any nefarious deeds they may have been involved with. They listed many things that they continue to use and need as well as sending me a PDF that is more extensive. If you have these things sitting around and are interested, please consider doing so. I’ll also include the link to the PDF. As we come into the holiday multi-month madness season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, the act of giving can be the greatest gift you ever receive.


I’m so sorry this is getting to you so late. We appreciate you reaching out to us about donations. I’ve attached our donation list as well as an extra list with household items (below). As you’re cleaning, if you come across any of the items on these lists we will take them.

Here is a list of items our older youth can use:



Plates, bowls and silverware

Pot holders

Cleaning supplies

Bath mats

Shower curtains

Drain plugs

Toothbrush holders or hand soap dispensers


Lamps (reading, standing, clip-style, or table)

Shoe racks

Small bookshelves

Bedding for twin/full beds


Art supplies


We can also use clothing in all of our programs. We serve youth ages 11 – 22 so adult-sized clothing that teenagers might think are “hip” would work best for us, as well as socks and new underwear. The boys are easier to dress. They will wear jeans, button down shirts, t-shirts, and gym shorts. The girls are always harder to dress as they’re a bit pickier, but anything helps!

Thanks again for reaching out to us. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Adrienne M. Carian

Donations Manager

A New Day Youth & Family Services

Ph: (505) 260-9912 Fx: (505) 260-9934


Casa Taco

I was looking for a new place to eat and found Casa Taco on Academy. It happened to also be Taco Monday which was a bonus. I started with the frito pie as a test item. If you can’t do this well we’re in trouble. It was tasty and spicy and worth getting in a larger group as it was a lot.

Then I had two of the monday beef tacos.

Fresh shells and a good beef filling, the same as the frito pie. I added some onions and cilantro before eating. Even though they were a little wetter than I like the shell stayed intact.

There are plenty of other items to try out so I’ll be back.


Recovering addict

Recently I was forced to consider that I could be a recovering addict.

Some of you know about this part of my life, but most people don’t. Some people might be upset at how I’m writing this and others will think I’m being stupid.

I would say that the first time I truly had to confront this was in college. In truth though this actually started in high school. Like many stories like this, it started with a girl… Continue reading

Small adults

This is barely a movie review of Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

It’s easy to sum up.

Tears flowed at the end. It was great. We need more people like that today.

For the reason I’m writing though is that same end statement. We need more people like that today. I know there was some controversy that he may have been some kind of seed for the millennials but I still believe the parents have their role in that. Might as well blame all the teachers for not raising those kids right.

Working with children myself but in a different way, I have told parents many times that most children I run across are probably 5 years smarter than you ever gave them credit for. Now that is a made up number but the idea is that we don’t give them enough credit.

I think it was earlier this year I had the pleasure of joining a friend and her husband with their three kids for an evening. Great kids. A pleasure to spend time with. They had strong pointed questions and I gave honest answers. For the most part I’ve always believed that if a kid has the wherewithal to actually ask the question, as an adult it is my responsibility to answer it. Not with made up kid words that we adults use to hide our own uncomfortableness or distress. To me that teaches a child that some things are less or more than other things. If you don’t use adult words if they ask about ‘private parts’ or sex and you act ashamed as you talk to them or try and pawn them off to another person or parent, do they learn that these things are ‘dirty’ and they shouldn’t talk to you about them?

Kids are not small adults, but they aren’t idiots.

Mr Rogers understood and accepted that they are individuals and should be treated with respect.

I hope that pendulum can swing back again.


communication breakdown

I’ve picked up a new word and the use of an old word in a new way.

I am disturbed the first word even exists, or was needed to be made to describe something that shouldn’t exist. I do recognize that I’m way behind the times. This word has been out for a long time and has already been studied. Continue reading

tsa request

@tsa @AskTSA I have a suggestion for those of us with precheck, Would it be possible to set up a site that allows us to see what hours at the airport the FULL TSA Precheck lane would be open? Not just the keep your shows on part but where i don’t need to take out my food, laptop, tablet, powerbank, laptop charger, kindle, etc. If i knew ahead of time that my time would get wasted this way then i could pack differently to make things more time efficient for everyone involved, even if that included showing up 30 minutes sooner to skip the hassle.

Just a suggestion. If anyone else likes this idea, feel free to share this or pass it along.


icloud photos delete hint

If you’re like me and you’ve found yourself with photos in icloud and you want to delete them, apple doesn’t make it easy. They really seem to want to make you click one by one to get rid of them using the ctrl or command-click. And if you mess up and click off a photo, you have to start over. There isn’t a shift click method or a select all method. I would say this is cause you to end up in depression about clicking hundreds or thousands of photos one by one to delete and just suck it up and pay for more storage. I think apple would say it’s a design feature so you don’t inadvertently delete the photos by accident.


However, I have found a faster way, if not a complete way. On the right side of the screen when you are looking at the photos, you’ll see the share button next to a group of photos. Click on that. It’ll ask where you want to share them. Don’t click (unless you do want to share them). But you’ll see that the photos are ALL selected in that group. Now just click on the trashcan and poof. Photos gone. Repeat for each group that needs deleting and you’ll be done quicker than selecting one by one.