June 28, 2023 23:25: There was a glitch when I last had this hosted and I’m finally getting this back up and running, like right now. There was a newer one. I had an acquaintance help me and they rewrote the about, without asking me. I recently found an older one. This might be the first one, but perhaps the original one is lost in time. The older one is the more genuine one though and I expect I will go back to it. For now, a hybrid and a living one at that, bending my penchant for not changing something after I’ve written it.

I like to write when i can. I find it therapeutic. This blog started as a replacement journal for all the paper ones that i have lost or the electronic ones that just didn’t seem to work. As people have told me they enjoy my writings, i’ve tried to write more. So now not only is this blog for me to express myself but now this would be for everyone else to see what i’m up to and what’s going on in my slice of life.

I thank each and everyone that takes time to read what i’ve written. May you smile and laugh and feel renewed. I will be content if you just feel something.

As for the name, i am not completely sure where it initially came from, but from what i remember, the name is a mélange of thoughts. The santa that we know today in the usa is probably some fictional guy, not including the variants across the world. I say probably just in case he is real. I would like to stay off the naughty list if i can. He might just smite me down with a shower of pointy candy canes. Why not god smiting me down? Just think about your last christmas. I would wager that most people were thinking about what they were going to get or not going to get instead of remembering it is christ-mas. You know that jesus fellow. The one that is supposed to be god’s son and died and all that stuff. I saw a great bumper sticker that said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Mahatma Gandhi. I haven’t verified if he actually said this or not. It’s still a good statement.

Yes i’m picking on one particular group. Deal.

We, the people, place much stock in things that aren’t real. We like to avoid reality at almost any cost. Look at the number of reality shows, social media, influencers, tic tok, etc. I have enough reality in my own life thank you very much. We also like to ignore what is going on around us and hide our heads in the sand, hoping that problems will fix themselves and just go away. As stupid as this may sound, when i start thinking about how ‘difficult’ my life is, i try to remember that i can walk down the street without (much) worry that there will be a falling building from a rocket launcher attack or that someone might blow themselves up or that i won’t have a place to sleep at night or that i won’t have anything to eat. Puts things in perspective. America may suck in a lot of ways and i have ranted many times to friends but we also have a lot of really nice things too. They like to remind me I am american. Yeah for the democratic process and freedom of speech. Ain’t no one perfect.

The fallen angel is another interesting idea. Cast out of heaven for disobedience. Disobedience from supposed free will. It’s a catch. If they have free will, then they exercised it and were thrown out. You can think what you want, but if you don’t do what you are told, you can just go to hell, literally. If they don’t have free will, then god made angels whose purpose was to rebel, god is omniscient, and set this entire game in motion. Having attempted a walk down the path of christ, i picked up some things i found intriguing. Heaven is not necessarily a resort to hook up again with friends and family. Your job is to worship god and maybe learning. But for a moment i had another thought. What if… this heaven and hell stuff is flipped? Who’s to say that the bad guy didn’t pull some fast ones and convinced people he was the good guy and to write HIS book? He’s supposed to be a deceiver in his own book right? What better way to hide the truth that way and he gets the worshipers and the current world we live in? Maybe the fallen angel is a good guy that just bucked the corrupt system and is trying to actually help. Well, we won’t know until the end, if there is any answer at all. As well, if it’s really free will, then let it be free, no strings attached, no bullying.

Therefore, it’s “Santa’s Fallen Angel” a combination of trying to accept and live in reality and remembering to question doctrine.

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