What an interesting dilemma life can be sometimes.

I would argue that unless we are under mind control or some alternate personality, EVERY decision we make is our own. I’ve talked about not saying sorry and such and this falls in the same idea.

Some of us go to work, do the work, go home, plus/minus family to deal with, rinse and repeat.

Do we want to be doing this? Why not just leave your family and be back on your own again? (and yes, some people do this).

I once read an idea that I’m sure to butcher while I’m trying to remember it… A man goes to work and at the end of the day wants to go and get a drink but he remembers that his kid needs (insert item) and at that is the crux. What to do? What choice is made. Does he take the one road and get the drink or save the money and just go home. It might seem to be an easy choice but is it really? Can they be equally good choices? Pause in the reading to think about what you would choose for this man. What would you choose for your self. Have you weighed other thoughts and possible consequences? While I’m not advocating using alcohol as a crutch who hasn’t had that kind of day where you come home and that beer or glass of wine just helps you relax and better appreciate your life.

Getting back on track. How do we make the choices when we are faced with them? I wish I knew or understood it sometimes. Why do people stick with jobs they don’t like? Shouldn’t it be ‘simple’ to find that niche in the world where you are happy? For some, maybe the money is the factor and they stick around just for that. Family so you don’t have to move and pull your kids out of school mid year?

Time for some self-contemplative thinking of what’s good for me vs. what’s good for the people in my life.

Climbing up might seem like a good choice to approach something but you still have something of a safety net in climbing down. Sometimes we need to jump off the cliff like a baby bird being tossed out of the nest. Sink or swim baby, sink or swim.

Santa’s Fallen Angel thinks about this often. Hopefully when I grow up, I’ll know what I should be doing. I didn’t lose my wings I just choose not to use them to fly. Why? I guess that’s just my choice.

Back to introspection and bouncing around my hobbies,

Santa’s Fallen Angel