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Like many others this winter traveling season I got stuck in an airport with a canceled flight. It sucks. There’s no way around it. Your gate gets switched three times and you have to pick up your stuff and move each time since the announcements are only there in the new area. There goes my plug I was charging from.

Once things seem stable they announce they are ready to board the plane. First class, families, elderly, etc, then the other people. Most airlines have reassigned seats. There is only one that I know of that you pick the seat you find once you’re on board.

You file in line in whatever queue fashion is established by the airline. You board, hope you have overhead space for your carry on and you get yourself strapped in. I remember reading in the past of a better way to board a plane that had to do with seating windows from the back to front first then moving in or something like that. I don’t think this would be a problem if there was enough overhead space so people could make sure their carry on could make it. People could just be assigned an actual order number to board instead of scrambling to be the first in your group. Of course there is also the issue of people bringing a large carry on and a large personal bag and trying to jam them in. Maybe make people use the space under the chairs as well and not just stuff everything overhead? Just thinking. Moving on.

But when we disembark (?unboard?) why don’t we do this in reverse of how we boarded?  You were in say group B or 2 but your seat is over the wing for a more stable flight and got all of your things on. Now you’re stuck waiting for everyone else to get off before you can get out if you aren’t in the aisle. Why do we wait for person after person to leave before we get up?

I’ve seen people in the back just walk up as far as they can as soon as the signal came to unbuckle and leave. They may have had a small carry on and the rest checked in and could move faster to leave. People look super pissed that someone broke the normal order of things. Maybe they were that first person to board in that broup B/2. Does that then give them the right to move out as fast as possible? What about those people that needed the extra time getting on? Should they need to wait until all the faster people are out? Maybe those who only have carry on get to leave first and those that have to wait for checked in bags leave after? If you are on a flight where you stay on the same plane, they ask that you wait until everyone else leaves before leaving so they can get a head count. Then you can leave to get a bite to eat or just stretch. Perhaps I’m giving too much credit to people to be good to one another.

It really was interesting to see the reactions from the people as this well dressed man walked with confidence from the back to just ahead of where I was seated. I was more amused than even bothered. It was a direct flight. I had nothing checked in. I just needed to get off the plane. Maybe if I had been on the aisle I would have done the same and just pushed up. Wouldn’t that have been more efficient also? Less time and space being used as I see it. Maybe I will the next time I have a chance. If someone is picking me up, they don’t have to wait so long either.

Ultimately, I can’t see us being this good and kind to each other just yet as far as how to board and getting off. Even though we board differently, there is a sense of social order involved with getting off. A time and place make us feel comfortable. Disrupting that might make people feel unequal. Almost as if you were the last person to get on and had to put your carry on in the last row even though your seat is up front. That just plain sucks. You can’t do anything until everyone else is off. You might have even saved time by checking it in although that would be an issues of time vs money.

I wonder if the people in first class feel the same if they are row 3 and have to wait to get off. Hmm..

An interesting thought from an interesting situation.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel


Today’s topic is inspired as most of my other musings by an interesting event. Ok. Maybe not that interesting to someone else but I was amused. I recently got a fortune cookie without a fortune in it. The first thought that struck me was, “huh? did it eat it somehow?” but I only just cracked the cookie like a wishbone.

Then the mind went (over)active. Was my life was going to come to a sudden end? Do I have no future as no fortune was granted me? Or perhaps my life has been blessed by the gods and is going to be so awesome that a fortune isn’t needed.

Fortune cookies, palm reading, divination, astrology/horoscopes (sometimes horror-scopes from some that I have read), zodiac signs, crystal balls, tea leaves, mojo, etc

Where is this belief system coming from? Is it our continued want for an explanation of the universe? Is there any validity in any or all of this?

Why do some aspects carry more weight than others? Many of us know someone or ourselves that half-jokingly will talk about our astrological sign and kinda mean it. I’m in that same category. You could remove the name of the sign and start reading descriptions and you still might pick your own. For ‘research’ I picked a random astrology site and essentially did a n=1 study. Yeah. Pretty much holds true for me. I’m on a cusp and those two signs blended together speak true to me. I did go through each and every sign. There were some that were outright not me and others that got close but just missed the mark. Something to ponder. My element and the stone or actually the color of the stone were accurate as well.

We do the same thing with the horoscopes based on our signs. I think most people would agree that horoscopes tend to be vague enough that they can apply to just about anyone. Let me try… “You will meet someone soon that will have an impact in your life. You may not notice it in the immediate but this person will help guide you on your path.”

What about your biorhythm? I remember having a program (things called apps now) on my Palm Treo 755P (loved the device!!) that would show my biorhythm. I can’t say that it seemed very accurate but then I didn’t remember to use it often and I’m sure at some point I got rid of it to make room for something else.

Do we create our fortune based on these perceptions? If your fortune, in whatever form, indicates to you that you need to step up and be more aggressive to secure a new position and you actually do, then what? You fulfilled a prophecy of sorts because of what you read and you believed and acted, assuming that not acting you would not have gotten the new position. A deus ex machina vs carpe diem paradox? Thought to ponder.

Can lines be drawn? What I believe is true and what you believe is rubbish? Who could fathom believing in something ‘out there’ that has control over the future? Maybe it doesn’t have control and we are on our own. Maybe the future is predestined and that’s why people can make predictions about things outside of themselves. Maybe it is just two universes rippling and in that moment of contact between the two giving us insight (a real idea).

I can be honest with myself that I have experienced events in my life that I can’t rationalize in a logical manner and that I have learned to accept as a part of my past, present and probably as a part of my future. I don’t know where some of these insights came from about the present (at the time) and the future but they proved real.

We believe what we choose. That knowledge can come from others, books, media, our own experiences and anywhere/anything else that can communicate something to us. It all still seems to boil down to one thing. Faith. No. It doesn’t have to be faith in a god or higher power. It doesn’t even have to be complete faith. But at some point we do choose to believe in things that we may not be able to prove on our own. Is time linear or not? Will the sun come up tomorrow? Do UFOs exist? I choose to believe that the sun will shine on my side of the earth again tomorrow and that it won’t disappear before then. Statistically, there is a chance of other life, sentient or not, out there somewhere. I choose to believe a lot of things because it’s just plain easier than to question everything. Pick and choose the battles of faith as it were.

Maybe I’ll have no future because of that cookie. As Worf would say, “Today is a good day to die.” But I’ll believe for the moment that there was glitch in the processing plant and I just didn’t get a cookie with a fortune stuck in it. Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

legal prostitution? sexist?

I was taking a break at work the other day and decide to catch up on some news. I was either on MSN or CNN. Whichever. So I come across this article talking about these women who join a website to have a man, probably older, help take care of them in exchange for something. This isn’t a vague wink wink type of something. Dinner, lunch, talking on the phone, being arm candy. Of course maybe more happens in a private situation. By the way, these aren’t necessarily single men on this site either. The article was talking about men paying for rent, college tuition, gifts, vacations, jewelry, breast surgery, and I’m sure there are probably other things as well.

It validly brought up that this could be considered prostitution although the men are encouraged to not give money every time or to be careful how they do it. Maybe even how they keep records.

Well this seems like a great idea. No joking. The next thing I had to do was check out the flip side. Where’s my sugar mamma?! I like to travel and have lots of hobbies. Who wouldn’t want to retire right now. I may not have a pool boy body right now but if I was off and had the resources to indulge my whims, she can pay for a personal trainer and really healthy food to get me into shape. That doesn’t seem like a bad trade off so far.

This new set of thinking started a whole new set of tabs in my browser. Of course if there is a market someone will come up with a website. Yes, you too can participate in this with just a little google search. I did keep seeing the terms cougar and cub come up instead of the flip side of sugar daddy and sugar baby. I think I prefer the cub term for myself anyway instead of sugar baby. It already sounds more masculine even if a cub is small. Those cubs are still strong and dangerous.

Think about it. Whatever your profession/stage in life is be it student or employed, you might be able to hook up with someone with the means to help support you in something just for company. Maybe even just have you as a partner for vacations or dinners or events. I’m still having a hard time seeing the negative of being on retainer to do things I might enjoy. However there is a possible undertone of expected sex/sexual favors and depending on how desperate you are, there could even be control issues at play. Both people exert control I think.

Another thought/response. On the male site, there was a statement (paraphrased by me) saying something against the detractors that dealt with the idea that some marriages in a way could be considered legal prostitution since they are in a similar situation. A housespouse, to be gender neutral, with or without kids but without a well paying job even if there is one, maybe in school, being supported by the other spouse. Food, car, gasoline, vacations, gifts, you name it. Depending on the joke of the day one could say you might be getting even less sex in the marriage than from the sugar situation. If you give a gift on valentines with the idea that the better the gift/day is, the higher your chance of getting fucked that night, isn’t that an exchange of money/gift for sex? The definition for prostitution usually includes a stipulation for it being outside of marriage though.

If you say that in the marriage at least it’s for love, we know that’s probably full of crap. The CDC has this table and with note that it isn’t all the data, the divorce rate looks higher than 50% since the divorce data was missing more states. There would also stratifications for first, second or third marriage divorce, plus/minus kids and by age group. Someone else can write about that.


Marriage. Prostitution. Sugar(insert type).

All three of these have their own soapboxes on both sides.

Marriage: Some people believe that marriage is the simple commitment bond between two (or more to some) people. Others would argue that it is the joining of a man and a woman under the eyes of god. Others would call it just a legal thing. Or a social thing acknowledgment.

Prostitution: Happens in every state. Legal in a part of Nevada. Legal in various forms in many parts of the world. You can look at the socioeconomic/trafficking/disease/religious/etc issues.  ‘They’ also say it’s the oldest profession and provides a service. I remember seeing the rooms in Pompeii and being told that they were for prostitutes. They even have the pictures still on the wall. That’s old. I’ve included the two most family friendly pictures I took.

Santas Fallen Angel -0646 Santas Fallen Angel -0643

You could find many sides to debate on the pros and cons of legalized prostitution. I believe it’s legal in all or parts of Canada.

I’ll leave this as a soapbox perhaps for another day.

and finally…

Sugar(insert type): Married or unmarried benefactor providing support/goods to someone else for any number of reasons, some more socially acceptable than others. Most of the time I would say that I’m attracted to older women. Before it was always a situation of stability be it in life or emotionally and maturity. Now that I’m older the age range is narrower but the qualities are still important. How would I really tell the difference between two older women if both are richer than me and want to help provide for me? One from a cougar site and one from a more traditional dating site. I don’t think you can make the argument that one type of site vs another is geared toward hook ups vs relationships. I hear the sly comments about some of the more open popular sites as being places for finding someone to sleep with and maybe date. Is this idea of the sugarperson simply just a societal way of pointing out a disparity? People still want ages to be somewhat close together. If you see a 20 year old with a 40 year old, most would assume something is amiss. Now, for yourself, just take a pause for a second to look into yourself. Did you assume/think the 20 year old was male or female? Just pointing it out. Cougar/cub or sugar daddy/baby or just two people for whom the age difference didn’t matter?

We are changing. There’s not a choice. Good and bad can be applied but those are too subjective. Change simply is what it is. I couldn’t even begin to say what it would be to be “Enlightened” as a people. More arts? More technology? Some moral stuff? Less baser things like sex? That may not go over too well. A lot of us might hang around with the less enlightened folks having more fun.

Things to think about.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel