48 hours and 20 minutes

Recently I had to get a new phone because I was stupid and got my other one wet. Wet like I went swimming with it. I had been using a galaxy note 2. It was a fine phone even with the note 5 out so I really didn’t have plans on upgrading. But with a replacement now much needed for work use I had to do a bit of research. It turns out to have been an easier decision than I would have thought. Once I looked deeper at the note 5 I saw that it only had a max of 64gb. Yes i’ve heard the argument that 64 should be enough and that things can be stored in the cloud. That’s all fine if you’re constantly hooked to the internet and you have a lot of cloud space to store on. Travel somewhere without wifi or good cell coverage and you’re screwed. Samsung also chose to go the apple route and not only make the battery non-replaceable but they also took out the slot for the microsd card. The battery thing I could deal with but only putting 64gb with no option to upgrade was a kick in the nads.

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