shit or get off the pot

Interesting phrase. One that most people know and may have even heard.

Normally i use Websters for definitions but more fitting I think:

And funny on a quick reading of them is a mistake in the third one.


Are there times when you can’t do either? When you must stay on the pot and not shit? I say yes!!!!

This is a rambling to be sure as I’m trying to think of things to write as we go. I’ve got one idea so far let’s see how far I can take it.

There are those times when you’re on and you’ve strained your heart out. Your head is dizzy and you’re worried you might just pass out. What do you do? You can’t shit at this stage but really, you feel like something needs to come out. You can’t get off the pot either. This is clearly a case of staying on the pot.

In life we strain with problems and at times we do need to make a quick decision but even if you find your head getting dizzy take a moment to try to think clear. Are you really ready to move on or do you need a little more time before getting up?


One could argue that flatulence is actually just a gas version of shit. Sometimes it smells and sometimes it doesn’t. But have you ever had really bad gas? I mean gas so bad you are doubled over in excruciating pain and just wish someone could poke you in the belly to let it all out? Yet another example where you feel you need to stay put to get it out before you explode.

In life we can feel internal pressures that can seem overwhelming and quite painful. We want to ask for help sometimes but if you just give it some time and stay calm, it can usually pass.

That’s enough for now.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel