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still a topic on my mind… if i order a large pizza for $16 vs a small steak for $20, where did we get this notion that the tip is more for the steak? when did the idea become about a flat percent instead of a flat amount, if anything? should it be thought of as the type of place? in theory at a fancy place the servers are getting paid more so should they get a smaller tip and those working at smaller mom and pop places should get more since their margin of profit is smaller? i still hate the idea of this American idea. good thing businesses are getting a tax cut. now we can let them pay their workers more and just stop tipping right?


To the future

We really can use the holidays as the time to reflect on ourselves and others. From the religious aspect of Christmas consider that Christ probably would not have been going through Black Friday sales advertisements. He would’ve been trying to figure out how to help others. Is Christmas the time of the year that we think about greed and ourselves? What am I going to get? What am I going to give others? Why didn’t I get what I wanted instead of what someone gave me?

I would ask that you give time to others this season. Not just this season but every season. I won’t push it to every day. Give the time that you have even if it’s not the time that you want. I choose to work over these holidays because I know other people want it off to spend with family. Consider the small things that you could do. Maybe it’s cold outside and you’re going to dinner and you’ve walked by numerous homeless people huddled on the side of the street. If you don’t think you’re going to eat your whole dinner, portion some of it out ahead of time to pack away to give to someone on your way back to your warm car and home. Consider buying granola bars or easy to carry food packaged food for handing out one by one as you walk by. And while they are sugary, perhaps handing out small bottles of Gatorade.

Do you have extra blankets or even sheets, anything that could keep somebody warm? Were you planning on donating it anyway? Maybe now‘s the time to clean out that closet and hand something, even a thin something, to someone who might need a little bit more warmth. This is not a game or contest of how much or how little, it’s a matter of just doing something.

If you have kids, are they complaining about what they did or did not get for the holidays? Is that what you want for their future? Perpetuating entitlement? Ok, maybe that’s stretching things.

Enough rambling. Back to work.



I recently had the opportunity to make my way to Japan. It’s been a top contender on my tosee list for many years. I admit that I enjoy anime but I’m mostly mature enough to know and realize that it isn’t real. As a side idea, I like anime because of the character development and the story lines. In general they don’t take a good story line and run it season after season until you can’t stand it anymore and it dies a horrible and memorable death, marring the wonder memory you once had. I’ve been more interested in the ideas and beliefs that I hope translate from anime to real life like the connection to nature and family, the spirituality.

I’m working on copying my handwritten entries back to an online format. As much as I love my moleskin, the retyping kinda stinks. I’ve already discussed with someone the idea of trying voice dictation/translation on my phone as a way to jot down ideas and thoughts as they are happening versus writing when I have the time and filling in after looking at my pictures.

So hang tight folks and thanks to everyone that reads the nonsense that comes out of my fingers.