future of tech. some of these are even my thoughts!

Most people who know me know that I like tech products. I don’t generally buy the latest and greatest since I know they will be outdated soon and the price will come down. But I don’t think I’ve expounded yet on what I see for the future and why I get so excited sometimes about technology I try to keep up to date with.

1. e-ink and fast local low powered wireless.

– So here is my vision. In the hospital I have to log in every time to check vital signs and weights and whatever information I want. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an e-ink (think kindle screen) piece of paper that charges by induction that is updated by a local low powered wireless system. Clear text to read in something I can carry around. There will be concerns of privacy so just integrate and RFID chip that is paired with one on my badge for authentication. To take this one step further… I remember in the PICU having an awesome sheet at the bedside with 24 hours worth of data that the nurse can chart. Now instead, the monitor will feed that information onto the sheet for constant updates and trending. You could even have the sheet be a secondary monitor for the vital signs and ekg strip without having to go into the room. The labs will populate it as well. Everything at a glance and fewer mistakes documenting. Color e-ink is there and could have criticals automatically show up in red and blink or something. Maybe even a scrolling message. Integrate some handwriting recognition and the nurse can write her notes at that moment instead of having to log into a computer somewhere else. The nurse and the patient can also write down notes on their own paper and have them ‘leap’ onto the e-ink sheet and be there when someone stops by to read them so questions and concerns aren’t missed. Maybe I could even scribble a quick reply note down as well.

2. The future of computing

– I could try to discuss quantum computers but really this site will probably do a much better job.


3. A nifty idea that will eventually happen but not like in the movies.

– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_sphere

4. I like the idea of the google glasses and they have great potential, both for making us more and less sociable. I think it will come down to the person and how they end up using them. Will we take the time to remember people’s names when the glasses can just do an id check and show us who they are? Will we need the prompting more as we foolish continue to grow in numbers and outstrip our resources (ok, that was soapboxing).

Anyway, there are great ideas just around the corner. I’m hoping we can move past many of our petty differences and as a people make that leap forward that we need to advance as a people.

I thought I had more ideas but I can’t seem to remember them. Guess I should have written them down sooner.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel