a geeky project

i installed a hue light strip and that left my light bar empty. so i set up a geeky project. on the specific day of the week, the bulb at that position will light up in the morning for a few hours. this way even half asleep i can look up and with a little counting i know what day it is. i will probably just add day of the week tags under the lights to make it easier but it also makes people try and figure it out so i might leave it as is.

for anyone who’s thinking the questions…

the thing on the far right is my Alexa named echo. and the last bulb slot hasn’t been assigned but i’m thinking of a color changing bulb that will change based on the weather forecast or the temperature outside. i think temperature outside will be more useful.



It was interesting on the deplaning to see the number of bags that were similar and sometimes even slightly larger than my own that were allowed on and did not have to be checked. Poor job american airlines.


It bothers me when a flight attendant automatically assumes that my bag isn’t going to fit overhead. If i’ve flown a route a lot AND i’ve taken a picture that shows my bag does fit overhead and they just are obstinate about making me gate check it, i find it annoying. She wouldn’t even bother to look at the picture. When her voice escalated i backed down immediately. No reason to get thrown off a plane this early in the morning. If there is plenty of time, how about letting me pass or fail? And then talking about it right near where i’m sitting is crappy customer service. #firstworldproblems #americaneagle #americanairlines