Galapagos Day 12 of 12


I’m not a morning person but I’m waiting for my body to learn that. I popped awake at 4:15am. Why?! Can I not just sleep in until the alarm? That probably shouldn’t have a question mark as it was probably rhetorical. Kristi and I were up and ready on time with George to take us to the airport. The traffic was heavier with police stops. Apparently there was a massive pilgrimage going on. The opposite side traffic from the airport was filled with bus after bus after bus as far as the eye could see.

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Galapagos Day 11 of 12

The day started with an early breakfast since our flight got moved up about 1.5 hours. Can’t say I’ve had a flight leave earlier before. We had another great meal at the Blue Booby Inn of green banana cakes with cheese as well as those big round yuca balls filled with cheese. From there a few of us went with the guide to the port to catch a very quick water taxi across the bay to see Las Grietas.


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Galapagos Day 10 of 12

Slow day for the morning. We had an initial plan for going to the beach and snorkeling but it’s overcast and was raining earlier. We’re reevaluating the plan for today over breakfast. I’m out here early again for some free time to work on these entries and the photos.

(Pause for breakfast)

Good breakfast with green banana (plantain) cakes with cheese, fresh fruit and eggs. The owner thinks the weather might be better at the beach and encouraged us to stick with the plan so we did. Some (actually most) of the people aren’t feeling well so only mary, myself, deanna, and sarah went. We caught a cab to the entrance to the tortoise park which leads to Tortuga Bay (tortoise bay).

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Galapagos Day 9 of 12

Woke up on my own and now off to an early breakfast for a long day. Hope to see some penguins today.

(Pause for breakfast)

It was a quick breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bread, cheese and a tomato. It made a nice sandwich at least. While we were eating, the bus stopped by to pick us up. We weren’t the only ones on it already so we just crammed into the spaces that were left. The trip took about 45 minutes to the north side of the island port where our boat was awaiting us. We were able to board directly onto it without any problems. We stowed our shoes and starting moving about. I keep expecting the coast guard briefing but then remember that we aren’t in US territory anymore. It took about an hour and forty five minutes to get to an island that was just for seeing these nazca boobies. They don’t have blue feet.

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Galapagos Day 7 of 12

I slept great. Aashish unfortunately had trouble sleeping through the air conditioner. I woke up early again and went to the breakfast area for wifi and to work on the photos from yesterday. I had mint tea while waiting for breakfast. So many photos to go through. A bowl of fruit, bread, cheese, and eggs for breakfast. The juices are always yummy. The ?grapefruit was ok. Actually, the only thing in the fruit bowl I liked was the papaya.

From breakfast we met Darwin downstairs in the lobby. We boarded a van and got cozy with each other.



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Galapagos Day 6 of 12

I was up early so I went to the dining room to write and work on the photos. My head feels like it is still in the water and slowly moving around like it’s being tossed around. Good breakfast again with everything tasting so wonderfully fresh and light. You feel full and satisfied but not heavy inside like there is something that shouldn’t be there.

From breakfast we walked down to Darwin’s Dive Shop to get fitted for water gear. We passed by boats that were dry docked. Beautiful view.


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Galapagos Day 5 of 12

It started with a very early rise at 430am to leave around 5am to get to the airport. Why? Galapagos bitches!


Seriously the place of legends and textbook chapters.

Basic group check in and boarding. Security thankfully wasn’t that long or difficult. As we got through the plane was already boarding. It wasn’t too full though which is ok. But I did get an aisle which was a total bummer. At first I thought it was Lan/Tam but it is the local ecuadorian airline Tame. No chance for upgrade I think and therefore no pictures for me to take from a window. Being vertically challenged in a standard seat is rough on the knees. The seats were loose and fall back some, crunching the space even more. Thankfully it was a short enough flight otherwise I would have tried to move. Continue reading

things i miss going from android to ios

I upgraded recently from a galaxy note 2 to an iPhone 6s plus because of a stupid mistake on my part ruining my note 2. I had planned on going to the note 5 until it came out and screwed up my plans by essentially taking the apple path of being sealed as well as only offering only a max of 64gb (a lot for most people but not enough for me). I don’t mind the apple ecosystem for some things. I’m typing this on a macbook. Perhaps I get too hidebound and just want things to work the way I want them to and don’t like being told something is better when it’s not better for me. Continue reading