It is late and I want to eat something

I should be finishing some reading but I keep telling myself I need to write and maybe I have been suffering some spiritual constipation but not relaxing more and doing… well this. Writing papers in special formats to jump through a hoop is the antithesis to my general stream of conscious style here. But hoop jumping it is until I finish the classwork or give up. Moving on….

Hunger and I am hungry.

This is a recurrent struggle of mine. Right now as I am typing this, I have hunger. I ate something earlier. I did not eat until I was full but instead to contentness. I am trying to retrain myself to enjoy the eating and not feel stuffed. My hunger signal is a bit off these days though which makes it harder. I will eat and go from content to full in two bites where I used to feel that progression and be able to stop sooner. Perhaps it is all the extra weight I put on that is tricking my brain.

Now I am trying to eat until just before content, let it linger and then slow the eating even more to see if I still want more food. For someone that relearned how to eat slowly, and slower than the people around me who seem to finish by the time I am done cutting my food, I am eating even slower.

The next part I am struggling with is to not snack so late with this hunger in my belly. I keep waiting to see if it generates an I am hungry, but I am not there yet.

This was a good distraction. I will be getting back to my reading.