Random thought while watching some anime…

Even though I find the idea distasteful to tip I get it that they (profession that gets a tip) probably aren’t being paid well to begin with and they need this extra amount to make ends meet.

The question in my mind though is this percentage amount that gets used. Continue reading

Tools and the future cyberlords

I’m delusional or have been I think. For the first time ever, yesterday I glimpsed a possible future where a terminator/dune thinking machine scenario actually happens. It was a leap of ideas but it happened none the less. It starts with the phone.

Once again someone gave me the impression that my cell phone is their tool to have access to me. No! My phone is my tool to call others or take calls at my convenience. That’s what voicemail is for. Continue reading

Nature’s Furious Beauty

I think the pictures more than any words I could come up with share this experience. Over several days as I was passing through Santa Fe, NM I witnessed several great storms. I used either my Note II or Canon S110 to takes videos and then later went frame by frame (not something I recommend to someone else) to extract pictures. Some of these go from lightning to dark or dark to lightning, just to show the power released. It’s set as a slideshow with a 2 sec interval but you can scroll manually as well. Enjoy.


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faith is believing. the concept is simple enough. in parts of life for many people, faith can be rock solid and unwavering. hearing and seeing the word faith conjures up notions of something spiritual in nature. something that connects inside of us and resonates. through good times and bad having faith means that one continues to believe. hope is not a negative but something expected, the idea that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it because the path is curved and is blocking the light. Continue reading