Nature’s Furious Beauty

I think the pictures more than any words I could come up with share this experience. Over several days as I was passing through Santa Fe, NM I witnessed several great storms. I used either my Note II or Canon S110 to takes videos and then later went frame by frame (not something I recommend to someone else) to extract pictures. Some of these go from lightning to dark or dark to lightning, just to show the power released. It’s set as a slideshow with a 2 sec interval but you can scroll manually as well. Enjoy.


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”slideshow” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”4″ sort_by=”order” order_by=”asc” slideshow_effect=”none” slideshow_interval=”2″ slideshow_width=”1280″ slideshow_height=”720″ enable_slideshow_autoplay=”0″ enable_slideshow_shuffle=”0″ enable_slideshow_ctrl=”1″ enable_slideshow_filmstrip=”1″ slideshow_filmstrip_height=”70″ slideshow_enable_title=”0″ slideshow_title_position=”top-right” slideshow_enable_description=”0″ slideshow_description_position=”bottom-right” enable_slideshow_music=”0″ slideshow_music_url=”” watermark_type=”none” watermark_link=””]

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