faith is believing. the concept is simple enough. in parts of life for many people, faith can be rock solid and unwavering. hearing and seeing the word faith conjures up notions of something spiritual in nature. something that connects inside of us and resonates. through good times and bad having faith means that one continues to believe. hope is not a negative but something expected, the idea that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it because the path is curved and is blocking the light.

I was thinking about this on a ride last night. I don’t have any particular affiliation to anyone or anything  but the concept is still applicable. Preseason american football is upon us. These are the times when faith is critical. I’ve heard that faith can be tested in these times but I see it differently. If you truly have faith in a player or team, it should be absolute and unwavering, otherwise, you’re not really one of the faithful, just a poser.

Like me, you don’t have to choose a player or team. I prefer a good game. That’s all. Anyone can have a bad day. I still wish rules were a little different and a coach couldn’t use technically legal rules to avoid actually playing like spiking the ball to run the time down. In international football (soccer in the usa), I believe the ref can penalize a team for the players delaying the game. In american football there’s also the legal intentional grounding that I disagree with. If you can’t run it or pass it out of the pocket, too bad. You should lose ground. The defense did their job or your guys just couldn’t do theirs. Take the loss like a man.

You can apply this simple concept of faith really to any sport or activity, even religion. Believe and keep believing. Your favorite baseball team might just win the series this year. Just have faith.


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