The A – Team

The emergency contact is an interesting thing. I understand the need for it. You are somewhere where something could happen and for liability they want to know who to contact, other than 911 that is if they are allowed to do that. Do you have just one contact you always use? Is it situational? For each place you go do you actually think about who you want to list down as the contact choice? I have a hard time coming up with one sometimes.

You decide you want to go rock climbing. They need you to fill out the waiver form and lo and behold they want to know who to contact if there is an emergency. Now the dilemma begins. You aren’t married or with someone significant enough yet. No family around. Do you pick a friend? Like a reference on an application do you need to contact your friend first for permission to list them? Do they even want to be listed? What if you are a recluse and have no friends or really anyone that you could list. Maybe I’m the only one that can agonize over something that should be simple. This isn’t a living will or power of attorney I understand.

I understand kids have their parents as the emergency contact. The parent is legally responsible for them and bills at the hospital and so forth if they happen.

Maybe this is one of those times when you just want to fall back to an “I want my mommy” moment, someone that you can hopefully rely on to get you clear from whatever situation you’re in.

Things to ponder.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

Put up or shut up!

Talk is not cheap.

Words are not inexpensive.

Passion behind words can be just as draining as a physical activity. Many of us have had to speak in front of a group and felt drained after.

A speech from someone can invigorate your soul, emotionally charge you, give you energy and maybe even help heal you.

We read quotes, hear speeches. The pep talk can place you into a new mindset where the impossible can now be realized.

The energy given by one person multiplied again by each person that it touches. That which can motivate to a positive change or enflame people into a mob. History determines the outcome.

We have phrases. “Put up or shut up.” “The deeds make the man.” “The pen is mightier than the sword.” “Do or die.” “Actions speak louder than words.”

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Quote after quote tries to give the idea that the end action is the important aspect no matter what is said or thought.

But what about one who has ill thought and does an action that appears good. Is that person now good? What if the action that was done was not intended for good but the end effect was good? History may count that person as having done a good deed. Do those actions speak louder than words?

The wise thing to say would be to keep our thoughts and actions both good but even that is not enough when you see that these are still subjective notions we are trying to apply.

Perhaps my action was in the writing and hopefully these words aren’t cheap.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel