We’re about halfway through 2021. Somehow.

I don’t see the effects of covid-19 in some of the places I travel to, while in other cities and towns, business are still dealing with limitations and lockdowns.

Some places people walk around with masks and others, masks are carried around “just in case” they are needed.

I usually have at least one if not two masks in the pockets. I invariably forget one in a bag or jacket or pocket. Thankfully with the cloth ones, if I forget in clothes, they’ll get washed anyway.

Flying can still be neurotic and I definately miss traveling to other countries and cultures. No one seems to be taking temperatures anymore.

It’s starting to feel a little bit more normal. The race to New Year’s is on. Will 2021 be missed or 2022 be sought after.


A new day in a new year

I hate when the first post doesn’t upload and the draft doesn’t save either….

Today this country inaugurated a new 46th president.

For me this was over shadowed by things like school, covid-19, getting sleep.

I started to watch the inauguration but got caught up reading more articles than actually watching anything. I never actually saw the inauguration happen.

I assume it went ok.

I am definitely happy to not have read about mass violence throughout the country like what happened in DC earlier.

2021 is moving along just like 2020. That’s not a bad thing. I don’t care much to hold years accountable for the Life. It happens regardless.

I plan to keep just living every day like…. it’s a new day.



2021 is just like another year, another day.
off to the hospital i go to work.

i live the day
i don’t forgive
i don’t forget
i have faith in myself

2021 will be just like 2020.

it will be a year when things happened.

sometimes they will seem good to me and others and sometimes they will seem not good. we decided in retrospect.

everyday is an opportunity for growth.

is the glass half full, half empty or the wrong size for what’s inside?

i am me, myself and i

i am not defined by a date or a calendar

i don’t draw hope from the outside but generate it from within so that it is mine and can be fanned versus being snuffed out by a passing ill thought.

being a realist helps me to navigate life’s bumps

“what will be will be but how i react is up to me”
-Nirav 2021

may a nucleus of hope dwell within you that you may persevere against the challenges you choose to face

Aloha, namaste and positive intentions given to the universe.


When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you

I will watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and read from the New York Times, the daily mail, the onion, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on when i want information. For me it’s important to know the differing views that are out there. I can’t claim that one organization is better than another. They all fail in their own ways. They all want clickbait. They all want sensational headlines. It’s what they do. They all fight each other and call each other names and say one is lying and the other is telling the truth. We tend to follow only that which we agree with and agrees with us. That’s human behavior. How many peer reviewed articles are based on bad data and bad analysis. Even the big journals choose craft articles and crap science. Everything goes with a grain of salt. Maybe sometimes a pound.