Sometimes we just have to…

I’ll go days and months thinking of something I want to write about but never putting anything down here.Sometimes we just have to make the time. And so I’m doing that right now.

The active of moving forward does not always have to have a goal. At least not one that is fully tangible. For instance, me just spewing my thoughts in this post is simply about putting thoughts into the post. We just need to spend a few minutes sometimes before we are ready to invest even more. Kind of like cleaning a few things even though you know you need to spend an hour working on that corner of the room. Just those few minutes by themselves might be the first step needed.

Will this post be anything more than this? No. I will probably end it soon. I needed something to get my mind back into the game.

Yeah. That’s it.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.


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