So, I didn’t die overnight.

I had exited the comedy show for the evening. My Lyft driver had just showed up and was on the wrong side of the street. I crossed the street and opened the car door. I could hear a vehicle coming at a fast pace behind and I turned. I thought one car had struck another and a piece of that car was flying off the stationary car and that the other car that was going fast just kept going. It took me a while to realize that wasn’t a piece of car, but two people. Being Austin, my first thought really was that this was some kind of prank. It was too surreal. As soon as I realized this was real, I told the Lyft driver I was sorry but I had to help. Basic triage to check for pulses, thankfully present on both. Officer was immediately on scene. He gave me his regular gloves. I did what I could until as usual, I was pushed to the side and told I was no longer needed before the ambulance arrived. I need to go back and review some of my training as an EMT from years ago as I would not have done the things I saw others do to one of the pedestrians. I’m not commenting right or wrong, but that I need to update my knowledge. My lift driver was still there thankfully and I left after getting permission.

Yes I’m talking about this right now since it just happened. I still feel a little shaky since it could have also been me on the street. If my driver had been on the correct side where I was supposed to be picked up, the car that had come barreling through, would have either hit the car as I was getting in or hit me along with the car.

I’m going to head to bed and hope I don’t dream about this. I have a feeling I’ll remember when I wake up. I will have to see how much it dominates my thinking through the day. I will follow through with the story in the morning.


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