Mental gymnastics

Attitude is a huge part in how one interprets the world.

For instance, while waiting for my flight to be ready to board, I was waiting in line to get some food. It was still breakfast time. When I got to the counter I was told that I could not be served because they were making a change over from breakfast to lunch and it would take 30 minutes, a length of time that wouldn’t do as i would need to board my flight. I asked if I could still order breakfast and was told no. There was a brief moment when I got angry. I was hungry, had spent a while in an airport food line and had already had to convince myself to get food instead of waiting until after landing. And at the same time I had just recently told myself to try and eat healthier and not eat as much fast food when I am traveling. Remembering this, I was thankful to the universe for this intervention on my behalf. How quickly we can turn anger into something else if we just use the correct mindset.



We’re about halfway through 2021. Somehow.

I don’t see the effects of covid-19 in some of the places I travel to, while in other cities and towns, business are still dealing with limitations and lockdowns.

Some places people walk around with masks and others, masks are carried around “just in case” they are needed.

I usually have at least one if not two masks in the pockets. I invariably forget one in a bag or jacket or pocket. Thankfully with the cloth ones, if I forget in clothes, they’ll get washed anyway.

Flying can still be neurotic and I definately miss traveling to other countries and cultures. No one seems to be taking temperatures anymore.

It’s starting to feel a little bit more normal. The race to New Year’s is on. Will 2021 be missed or 2022 be sought after.