Mental gymnastics

Attitude is a huge part in how one interprets the world.

For instance, while waiting for my flight to be ready to board, I was waiting in line to get some food. It was still breakfast time. When I got to the counter I was told that I could not be served because they were making a change over from breakfast to lunch and it would take 30 minutes, a length of time that wouldn’t do as i would need to board my flight. I asked if I could still order breakfast and was told no. There was a brief moment when I got angry. I was hungry, had spent a while in an airport food line and had already had to convince myself to get food instead of waiting until after landing. And at the same time I had just recently told myself to try and eat healthier and not eat as much fast food when I am traveling. Remembering this, I was thankful to the universe for this intervention on my behalf. How quickly we can turn anger into something else if we just use the correct mindset.