It is late and I want to eat something

I should be finishing some reading but I keep telling myself I need to write and maybe I have been suffering some spiritual constipation but not relaxing more and doing… well this. Writing papers in special formats to jump through a hoop is the antithesis to my general stream of conscious style here. But hoop jumping it is until I finish the classwork or give up. Moving on….

Hunger and I am hungry.

This is a recurrent struggle of mine. Right now as I am typing this, I have hunger. I ate something earlier. I did not eat until I was full but instead to contentness. I am trying to retrain myself to enjoy the eating and not feel stuffed. My hunger signal is a bit off these days though which makes it harder. I will eat and go from content to full in two bites where I used to feel that progression and be able to stop sooner. Perhaps it is all the extra weight I put on that is tricking my brain.

Now I am trying to eat until just before content, let it linger and then slow the eating even more to see if I still want more food. For someone that relearned how to eat slowly, and slower than the people around me who seem to finish by the time I am done cutting my food, I am eating even slower.

The next part I am struggling with is to not snack so late with this hunger in my belly. I keep waiting to see if it generates an I am hungry, but I am not there yet.

This was a good distraction. I will be getting back to my reading.


Mental gymnastics

Attitude is a huge part in how one interprets the world.

For instance, while waiting for my flight to be ready to board, I was waiting in line to get some food. It was still breakfast time. When I got to the counter I was told that I could not be served because they were making a change over from breakfast to lunch and it would take 30 minutes, a length of time that wouldn’t do as i would need to board my flight. I asked if I could still order breakfast and was told no. There was a brief moment when I got angry. I was hungry, had spent a while in an airport food line and had already had to convince myself to get food instead of waiting until after landing. And at the same time I had just recently told myself to try and eat healthier and not eat as much fast food when I am traveling. Remembering this, I was thankful to the universe for this intervention on my behalf. How quickly we can turn anger into something else if we just use the correct mindset.


Pizza review

I was on my way from an errand and happened to notice a small pizza place. Like I happened to see a sign that said Sal-E-Boy’s Pizzeria and it was nearly hidden between two larger buildings. I thought I knew a lot of pizza places in town so I was shocked to see how this one escaped me. I figured they were a new place so I stop by. My shock increased when I found out they have been open over 30 years, according to the person at the counter. They don’t deliver and it is takeout only. Not really any space to sit inside eat, just seats there to sit if you want to wait for your pie.

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505 in the 808

The other day I went to an Indian food truck two days in a row just to try out some new items. I’m still of the same opinion that while I enjoyed the food, the price point was higher than what I think is good, even factoring in the paradise tax.

To continue the theme of trying out new things, I had been made aware of a New Mexican food truck that would be in the Lowe’s parking lot on Sunday. They are called Uncle Claude’s New Mexican Grindz. From their facebook page it looks like they are based out of Waikoloa. Someone I know had tried it already and recommended I add it to my to-eat list.

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Indian foodtruck review

I like food. I like indian food. So when people started asking me my advice on a new indian food truck ( @Swamisdosagrill ) both myself and the person asking me were shocked that I hadn’t known and tried the food yet. After multiple people approached me for my opinion I decided it was time I make a trek and try it out… for science of course. Continue reading

Food separation

I would agree with most of my friends that I tend to be a food separatist. You know, we’re the people you see eating that work on one item at a time on their plate, sometimes even going so far as to physically separate the food items into discreet and noticeable areas to better delineate the differences.

So yes, I think I do tend to pick at one thing and then move onto the next. But after a recent experience I have new insight into why I, who knows about why others do it, might be like this.

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