505 in the 808

The other day I went to an Indian food truck two days in a row just to try out some new items. I’m still of the same opinion that while I enjoyed the food, the price point was higher than what I think is good, even factoring in the paradise tax.

To continue the theme of trying out new things, I had been made aware of a New Mexican food truck that would be in the Lowe’s parking lot on Sunday. They are called Uncle Claude’s New Mexican Grindz. From their facebook page it looks like they are based out of Waikoloa. Someone I know had tried it already and recommended I add it to my to-eat list.

505 if you haven’t figured it out is the area code for New Mexico and 808 is for Hawaii. The only New Mexican presence I’ve seen so far here is the green chile (not spelled chili) cheeseburger pizza from Roccos. And now I’m hungry.

For the people that are interested in the math. 303 is the area code for Colorado.

Lowes is in a good place in town. The food truck was easy to find. Just look for the big truck and stick your nose out the window and follow the smells.

Path to goodness

They had a little seating area and the menu was on the walls as well as laminated copies. I was ready to order just about one of everything but limited myself to what I thought my stomach would handle, not my mouth. The taste buds always want more. Nom Nom.

The front with the menus

I was with a friend and her baby. The baby unfortunately had to abstain from the dining. More for us. She ordered the chicken tamale that came with green chile and the pork tamale that came with red chile. I chose the chicken tamale and the beef taco.

Chicken tamale with green chile

Chicken and pork tamale

Beef taco


Yum. I’ll be back.


The good is that she really liked her pork tamale. I liked the red sauce on it. I also liked my beef taco. Overall good flavors in the taco. It did start to fall apart before I was ready and I wish I had a fork to finish things off. We both enjoyed the chicken tamale but felt it could have been better. It just didn’t have a lot of flavor or taste outside of the green chile. Chile should enhance, not replace good tasting food. Both tamales had a thick masa coating, a little too thick that is. The green chile was tasty and had a good kick to it. I would like to see more cilantro for the flavor on it.

Go try the food yourself if you like this style or if you want to try something new. It was worth it, just bring your own cilantro and maybe lemon for a little squeeze for flavor.


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