Pizza review

I was on my way from an errand and happened to notice a small pizza place. Like I happened to see a sign that said Sal-E-Boy’s Pizzeria and it was nearly hidden between two larger buildings. I thought I knew a lot of pizza places in town so I was shocked to see how this one escaped me. I figured they were a new place so I stop by. My shock increased when I found out they have been open over 30 years, according to the person at the counter. They don’t deliver and it is takeout only. Not really any space to sit inside eat, just seats there to sit if you want to wait for your pie.

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505 in the 808

The other day I went to an Indian food truck two days in a row just to try out some new items. I’m still of the same opinion that while I enjoyed the food, the price point was higher than what I think is good, even factoring in the paradise tax.

To continue the theme of trying out new things, I had been made aware of a New Mexican food truck that would be in the Lowe’s parking lot on Sunday. They are called Uncle Claude’s New Mexican Grindz. From their facebook page it looks like they are based out of Waikoloa. Someone I know had tried it already and recommended I add it to my to-eat list.

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A quick post

Last year I came across an issue with a word that kept getting replaced by the auto correct. It was bothering me so much that I had to look up the word to see why it was being changed. Today for some reason it came back into my mind and now I want to challenge you to look it up yourself. It’s a common word that we use very frequently. But now you’ll understand where it came from, what it means, and I will wonder if you question it like myself if you should keep using the word. Continue reading

Indian foodtruck review

I like food. I like indian food. So when people started asking me my advice on a new indian food truck ( @Swamisdosagrill ) both myself and the person asking me were shocked that I hadn’t known and tried the food yet. After multiple people approached me for my opinion I decided it was time I make a trek and try it out… for science of course. Continue reading