musical ignorance?

I like music. Who doesn’t? For myself almost any type is fine as i’m generally not too picky. Some types i will listen to if it’s on but not tune to it on my own.

This past weekend i went to a nice concert by the local philharmonic. Three different pieces. Prokofiev: Overture on Hebrew Themes, Walton: Viola Concerto, and Dvořák: Symphony No. 8. Two before intermission and one after. All of them were enjoyable, more so with the help of the preconcert lecture from the conductor. For anyone that hasn’t gone to a preconcert lecture, it would be analogous to the ‘making of’ for a movie. The extra information can help enhance the viewing experience with a greater appreciation and understanding. Continue reading

“My fault”

Instead of a monday morning edition, I’m going to try and start my sunday evening (word)press. I think it will help me to be more on top of writing…

A random, but similar, connection of events was the spark.

We have the Winter Olympics in Sochi this year. Ideally the top in the world, the cream of the crop, pushing the limits of safety to take the gold and the international acclaim until the next Olympics.

I have also started my spring tennis USTA men’s 3.0 practice.

As well for my own reasons I was reading about the history of cricket. Continue reading

Get what you pay for

Most of us have experienced a time out of the home where we are paying for something and it just wasn’t good. I’m not saying you didn’t like it because it had a vegetable you don’t eat. This is a time when the quality was lacking, which may include the food not being done properly leading to you not liking it. Why not tell the waiter/manager/chef at a restaurant that the food wasn’t good? (You can also tell them if you enjoyed it as well.) Continue reading