Can the imagination truly be a flight of ideas or is it a byproduct of an experiential base? Where does the idea of a flying car come from if you have no vehicle, chariot or the first ford?

The imagination is sparked by something that causes the leap into a fantastical idea that seems to have no bounds.

As i sit on the airplane and at times gaze out the window (from the aisle) i see the clouds and with a past filled with my experiences i see the rabbits and snakes and mountain tops and other objects my mind shows me as it tries to make sense of what it is beholding. Continue reading

Long time no write…

It’s been over a month now since I’ve written online (still writing in my journal) for one main reason.

I’ve been researching self-hosted vs a managed host for wordpress or just staying put. I recognize that I can over research information and this is one of those cases. I’ve had ideas for things I want to write about and while that isn’t an issue, putting media into a post has seemed like it would be tricky to move over to another site. Continue reading