Casa Taco

I was looking for a new place to eat and found Casa Taco on Academy. It happened to also be Taco Monday which was a bonus. I started with the frito pie as a test item. If you can’t do this well we’re in trouble. It was tasty and spicy and worth getting in a larger group as it was a lot.

Then I had two of the monday beef tacos.

Fresh shells and a good beef filling, the same as the frito pie. I added some onions and cilantro before eating. Even though they were a little wetter than I like the shell stayed intact.

There are plenty of other items to try out so I’ll be back.


Recovering addict

Recently I was forced to consider that I could be a recovering addict.

Some of you know about this part of my life, but most people don’t. Some people might be upset at how I’m writing this and others will think I’m being stupid.

I would say that the first time I truly had to confront this was in college. In truth though this actually started in high school. Like many stories like this, it started with a girl… Continue reading