Long time no write…

It’s been over a month now since I’ve written online (still writing in my journal) for one main reason.

I’ve been researching self-hosted vs a managed host for wordpress or just staying put. I recognize that I can over research information and this is one of those cases. I’ve had ideas for things I want to write about and while that isn’t an issue, putting media into a post has seemed like it would be tricky to move over to another site.

I’ve been spinning my brain around trying to decide on sites like GoDaddy’s WP managed or webhosting, Rapidpress, Hostgator, bluehost, blah blah blah. So many options, too much opportunity to get bogged down in details and reviews. I’m sure there are staged plus and minus reviews as well as the sites that promote a certain host and they get affiliate credit from links. Many of them do state no bias and disclose they use the host for hosting but with a grain of salt I have to keep that in mind.

At the end of the month what do I have to show…

Nothing really except that I can’t decide if it’s worth it to self-host or managed hosting or stay where I’m at.

I fear/feel I’ll just have to jump feet first before I fully understand what it means to do some of the work on my own. It does seem that if I don’t like the host I’m on, it isn’t THAT hard and crazy to move to someone else. Costwise it isn’t really that much. One less impulse purchase, one less bought meal or whatever and the monthly cost isn’t that much. Even less if you consider the difference between a $3/month plan vs $8/month. It’s just $5. If I just sign up for one year and I change next year without a promo code (like there wouldn’t be any out there), I think most people who are already investing the time/money/energy into this could cough up the $60 extra for a ‘full price’ year of hosting.

As I’m not in this for the money but just to write I have a feeling I’m probably going to go with a managed host, although as I write this I’m debating in my mind about the level of control I could have from a self-hosted.

I’m going to just keep writing and posting, probably not the posts with pics/vids for now as I’m trying to limit my confusion about transferring the site.

In the meantime, and not sure how many responses I might get from this post, anyone with thoughts on who you might be hosting with or advice?

-SFA looking for divine intervention

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