Sunday funday

Sunday could be considered a day of learning for some, so let us try and spread some learning in a different way.

I want you to spread some knowledge. Even if it’s seemingly small to you, it could mean something to someone else. It doesn’t have to be big learning. It can just be a nugget.

For instance, while others may already know this, earlier in 2019 I found it fascinating that I had not really made this connection before in my life. I was cutting my fingernails and noticed that the side of the cutter that my nail was on was the side the nail comes out of. Why do I care or why should I care? Why did this make such an impact on me? Most the time I just cut my nails outside letting the cuttings fall to earth however they may, but in those times I am using a trash can, I would see the nail just flying every which way. Or at least I thought they were it. With this new profound knowledge, I can more effectively cut my nails over a trashcan. Let the world tremble at my knowledge. Let the shedding of nails be done properly and without making a mess.

What great knowledge do you wish to share with others that may seem trivial to you because you made the connection yet to someone else they might find it profound?


To infinity and beyond!

Living in reality doesn’t mean you are giving up on dreams and visions.

Being grounded can give you the perspective to recognize and remember where your foundation is so that you can point in the direction you want to go when you strain to stretch your arm and hand out into the void. Not knowing where you are heading does not mean you are directionless.

Today I had a revelation about my life and while it is difficult to hold onto the thoughts of that moment, the feeling is still there.

May I hold onto the feeling with one hand while my other leads me forth.

Upwards and onwards!


Words and Thoughts

CAUTION: Snowflakes might get triggered. Find a safe space if you want to attempt reading or just don’t bother reading and find something else.

How much does the choice of a word affect one’s thinking? We say that the clothes make the man. Why can’t the words make the thought?

Man up! Pussy! Ballsy! Douche bag! Manliness! Bitch! Player! Whore!

We associate these words with a gender because the words actually are associated with a gender. That’s where they come from. But do we subconsciously associate and accept the beliefs that come with the choice of the word?

Does the gender of the word as well as the person lead one to subconsciously, and possibly consciously, perceive the other gender differently because of the word choice and how and when they are used as well as the associated value of the word that society has given to it.

Is a woman more powerful or does she feel more powerful if she is told that she’s got balls?

Is a man demasculinated or feel less of a person if called a pussy or told that has no balls?

When someone does something that others may fear, we saw they had balls of steel. I’ve never heard of a cunt of courage or vagina of valour.

In the above paragraphs, what does it mean if the woman does feel more powerful? Has she bought into the hype that men are at a different level, a higher level that needs to continue to try and reach. A glass ceiling but one so high that it will take a Herculean effort to surpass. Maybe I should write an Amazonia effort but I’m not sure that others would understand that novel use of a phrase.

Gender roles are nothing new. In dating profiles and how we approach relationships there are discussions about traditional gender roles and how they apply and want to be applied in today’s society. If a woman can’t cook, it is considered a negative trait. I’m happy if the personal I’m with can cut up vegetables or doesn’t mind cleaning the dishes after I’ve cooked. I very much dislike cleaning dishes for some reason.

There aren’t many options that I can think of for addressing this. People want equality but men and women ARE different, for the forseeable future at least. Not acknowledging that there are differences is part of the problem. There are places where there can be equality. I agree that the right to equal pay is important. But if I’m hiring and I have a limited budget and I want to save money, why wouldn’t I try and pay someone enough to show their worth but as little as possible. I’m not saying I would pay women and men differently based on gender but I would based on their skills to negotiate. People take their smoke breaks, so no problems with breastfeeding or formula breaks. Take a nap if you need it. It should be about equal persecution of both genders instead of discriminating against one.

Just get your work done. Oops. Soapbox rant.

That’s a good enough prompt to wrap things up.

Watch your words and how they affect how to think about them and subsequently how to you think about others. The longer the words stay out there without people knowing what they mean, the easier it will be to make them crude but at least gender neutral.

Power to you if you feel sexier in that slinky black dress or more confident in that power suit but they both have the same thing in common. They all come from within and your own thoughts. Think about that. Do you grok?


Food for thought

So I attended a Christmas Carol concert last night. Talking to somebody about it before hand they just threw out the comment that Christ was born on Christmas. I quickly replied back that whatever day he was born was Christmas, since Christmas had not existed before then. The idea caught him off mental guard and I could see wheels turning while he processed the idea. Food for Monday thought.


The giving season

In many parts of our country the weather is getting harsher. Winds are picking up. Snow might be starting to fall. The evenings may be dipping into freezing temperatures.

With the holiday season in effect from Thanksgiving through Christmas, thoughts of gifts, family, friends, and the things we wish to give them are in full effect.

It’s also that time of year when unfortunately those who are less fortunate are also affected.

Every year I advocate responsible gifting and that when you give to others, you not only think about what they want but also what they will use. Also consider giving the gift to young ones of knowledge and growth, that helping others can be the rewarding. Perhaps they get to choose one of their gifts to keep and the others will be to donate.

At the least, while you are out shopping and you pass by those on the street seeking money or food, consider carrying around a box of food you can hand out: Granola bars, protein bars, bottles of water. I admit that I don’t like handing out money since I don’t know what it’s going to go towards. I can only hope that the food I distribute in these moments is needed and welcomed. We can’t fix every problem in the world, but sometimes in a single moment we can make a difference.



I just read that the physical kilogram that is stored in Paris will be replaced by an electrical current. It has already been used to measure the weight of the kilogram. But now around the world people will be able to measure their own kilogram weight, assuming they have this incredibly precise scale, to be able to know if their kilogram weight is accurate enough. While this is still not important on the basic consumer level, in the international world and scientific world, this is huge news. Instead of needing to measure a kilogram against the one in the Paris vault, the standard can be kept up-to-date faster. Those small differences that might effect scientific experiments can be recognized and corrected. The small changes that occur in the Paris kilogram will be negated once there is a new truer definition of what a kilogram will be. The idea basically is that an electrical current can be generated to balance out the weight based on its pull. Once that number is calculated it doesn’t matter where you are, you will be able to then calculate what a kilogram is with that electrical current.




New Day

As I continue my very slow but very needed housecleaning, I reached out to an organization that I think is worth donating to, New Day, as I’ve not learned about any nefarious deeds they may have been involved with. They listed many things that they continue to use and need as well as sending me a PDF that is more extensive. If you have these things sitting around and are interested, please consider doing so. I’ll also include the link to the PDF. As we come into the holiday multi-month madness season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, the act of giving can be the greatest gift you ever receive.


I’m so sorry this is getting to you so late. We appreciate you reaching out to us about donations. I’ve attached our donation list as well as an extra list with household items (below). As you’re cleaning, if you come across any of the items on these lists we will take them.

Here is a list of items our older youth can use:



Plates, bowls and silverware

Pot holders

Cleaning supplies

Bath mats

Shower curtains

Drain plugs

Toothbrush holders or hand soap dispensers


Lamps (reading, standing, clip-style, or table)

Shoe racks

Small bookshelves

Bedding for twin/full beds


Art supplies


We can also use clothing in all of our programs. We serve youth ages 11 – 22 so adult-sized clothing that teenagers might think are “hip” would work best for us, as well as socks and new underwear. The boys are easier to dress. They will wear jeans, button down shirts, t-shirts, and gym shorts. The girls are always harder to dress as they’re a bit pickier, but anything helps!

Thanks again for reaching out to us. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Adrienne M. Carian

Donations Manager

A New Day Youth & Family Services

Ph: (505) 260-9912 Fx: (505) 260-9934


Casa Taco

I was looking for a new place to eat and found Casa Taco on Academy. It happened to also be Taco Monday which was a bonus. I started with the frito pie as a test item. If you can’t do this well we’re in trouble. It was tasty and spicy and worth getting in a larger group as it was a lot.

Then I had two of the monday beef tacos.

Fresh shells and a good beef filling, the same as the frito pie. I added some onions and cilantro before eating. Even though they were a little wetter than I like the shell stayed intact.

There are plenty of other items to try out so I’ll be back.