Well, I soiled myself today after I realized my hoe wasn’t working. That’s just lost productivity and wasted time. And with everything going on these days, it was too late in the day and I couldn’t go out and pick up a new hoe to work with. So even more lost time and productivity. Without the help, I had to do it myself. What a mess! My back hurts and I’m even sweatier although exercise is good for you, even blue zone type of work. My hands. I may need to put plastic bags over them before I eat. Maybe I won’t eat for now. Even with protection (glove up and be protected!), I don’t know how long it will take for the smell to come out since I had to use my hands. There’s still a chance I could get something from everything I was in contact with but it’s unlikely. I scrubbed down already. Tomorrow I already have my eyes on a new hoe but I may instead just get a post hole digger. I know. Not for everyone but it has its niche. It’s about the quality of the hole, not the size. Ok. It’s the quality and the size. With a few quality holes I hope to be able to put in a system so the shafts can go in and out without much friction. The system will also be able to be plugged up so nothing gets in or out that shouldn’t.

Well, going to wash again and tomorrow hopefully get some seeds planted. Already starting to grow lettuce and basil. I think the radish has taken root along with the sweet peppers. Some of the cilantro is making it, some of it isn’t. The strawberries are out but not red yet. I also hope to plant some flowers.


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