Ah napping, how i love thee.

At least i used to but we’ve had an on and off relationship for quite some time now.

I was a good napper. Past tense. Not present. My power for napping was known far and wide, ok, maybe as far as my friends, but someone at least knew about my super power. And i only used it for good, never evil. A nap should be restful. Not something that you awaken from in a groggy state of mind. How upsetting that is when it happens.

I was able to lay my head down on my book bag and define a set amount of time to nap and i would rest for just that long. I don’t know if it was a gift by itself or had anything associated with my practice of lucid dreaming, yet another skill i am currently deficient in. I engaged in this behavior before physics class (thank you Jen for making sure i made it to class and did my homework) as well as on the lawn. I don’t remember doing this in my room though. If i was in my room, it was not for napping reasons. 

Now i struggle to take naps. And for the purpose of this writing, i am defining taking a nap as the volitional act of trying to sleep for a short term. If i am laying down to read or for whatever other reason and i fall asleep, i consider that more passing out then taking a nap. In many of these instances, i might be upset that i nodded off and thus had my activity interrupted. There is a gray zone though.

The hammock.

I can be reading in the hammock and fall asleep and be ok to consider it a nap. The laying in a hammock comes with a preconceived notion of relaxation and thus falling asleep is an acceptable activity to have occurred. Sometimes it is the preferred activity.

As a side note, I am still trying to decide if i prefer warmer days with cool breezes or cooler days with warm breezes. I am leaning toward the later. I think the next time i get a chance, i will need to do more studying in that line of thinking. Until then, good napping.


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