Random thought while watching some anime…

Even though I find the idea distasteful to tip I get it that they (profession that gets a tip) probably aren’t being paid well to begin with and they need this extra amount to make ends meet.

The question in my mind though is this percentage amount that gets used.


I tend to tip on the pre tax amount. The tax is going to the state, not to the restaurant nor the worker. The staff didn’t earn that.


Why am I giving more if it’s the food, drink, etc that’s more expensive? I don’t think that staff member went back, conferred with the chef about my personality or possible tastes to better enhance the food and they cooked it together. The staff member asked me what I wanted, took the order back and brought it out when it was ready. They also just brought me my beer. It was opened sure, but I could also see that they didn’t take the cap off either, the bartender did.

I’m confused. Should the tip just be a set amount instead? If I’m just with people for company and only get an appetizer, you’re ‘supposed’ to still leave at least a couple dollars. A $2.00 coffee with a $1.00 tip? That’s 50%! If the coffee tasted old do I make the tip less? I’m expected to tip higher if the food was more expensive and tasted better.

Who came up with the idea and plan? Was there a secret memo back in the day? I wonder what life is like in other countries where you don’t tip. I love going to a place, generally not a food service place, that state there is no tipping. Yes things might cost a little more but I’m ok with that. No hassles or worries. Just pay an amount. If things are good, I’ll be back. If they aren’t, bye bye.

Of course there are non food services that are also expected to get tips. Airport shuttle driver, I’m told even if I just have a carry on, masseuse, bell boy (I get my own bags), everyone on a cruise ship i’ve read as I haven’t been on one myself, tour guide, some  places where you buy food at the register have a tip option (not sure who that is going to) and pretty much every time I turn around there’s something/someone new. Am I supposed to be tipping the delivery guy every time they ring the door bell and deliver a package? That Would be one way to curb my online buying.

If feel in a dilemma on what to do? I hope I can remember to look up what people make and maybe that would make better sense to me, sorta. Yes I would still prefer just a price to pay and their self satisfaction about doing a good job. I know people use low or no tipping as a ‘punishment’ for bad service, but I prefer talking to the manager. That might actually be more useful since even for a bad job they still got rewarded with something extra.

Something to sleep on. Maybe it’ll make sense in the morning.

-SFA, waiting for divine inspiration


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