Tools and the future cyberlords

I’m delusional or have been I think. For the first time ever, yesterday I glimpsed a possible future where a terminator/dune thinking machine scenario actually happens. It was a leap of ideas but it happened none the less. It starts with the phone.

Once again someone gave me the impression that my cell phone is their tool to have access to me. No! My phone is my tool to call others or take calls at my convenience. That’s what voicemail is for.

I was overhearing people talking about the convenience of not wanting to wait for something to be delivered. That turned to talking about the amazon drone and how they felt slighted that those people were lucky to not really have to wait or go anywhere to get pretty much anything they want.

We are becoming lazier and lazier it seems. And not just people talking. This idea of generation me and the sense of entitlement is the larger example.

This is now a leap to the AI masters. Entitlement and laziness will spur on the creation of tools to make life simple and work free. But like the phone being my tool I fear for the people that will want these future tools to do more for them instead of using them. These potential AI creations may turn into using us instead, spilling from terminator/dune into the matrix.

And I can actually see this happening. An AI could replicate and ‘evolve’ faster than I think we could stop it, perhaps leading to a hyperion idea of them leaving but subtly controlling.

Crazy crazy ideas but seemingly more and more possible in my lifetime.

Time will tell our future, or lack thereof. I can’t say that history will reveal the outcome because history is written by the victors and that may not be us.

I can only hope we are responsible with our AI creations but I also worry about the people that don’t seem like they could pass a turing test themselves.

*Sigh* One day at a time.


p.s. In case we’re too late, I would love and cherish any and all AI Overlords. J

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