Avis customer service failed me

Lesson learned that I’m passing off to other people. Just because you have a wizard number doesn’t mean you earn anything other than being able to check out faster. Even though I’ve called several times to Avis inquiring about upgrades and how the system works NO ONE at avis ever mentioned that just having a wizard number doesn’t help you accrue any rewards or loyalty. You must separately sign up for the preferred program as well. Basically Don’t trust that anyone at AVIS is going to be helpful. Well, that’s not true. First the lady that checked me out gave me a number to call and told me none of my prior rentals was showing up. Also the person today at customer service let me know that every rental (40-50 days of renting total) I’ve made this calendar year (so far) is worthless as far as loyalty goes since no one I’ve ever talked to before took the time to let me know even though I was inquiring about status with Avis that I wasn’t really set up for it. I wonder how the rentals from the other agencies I’ve rented from are set up. Maybe it’s time to give them some loyalty I’m not getting from avis.

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