That Firkin Brewery

I did a beer flight at Firkin last night since it was my first time there. Each glass was 4 oz. Here’s my quick review. The IBU and ABV are are the end of each beer.
The Pomegranate Ale was lite tasting with only a hint of pomegranate flavor. It seems like it would be good for sipping. 18/4.5%
The 11th Hour White Ipa was as expected very bitter. It’s an IPA. Generally not my style for my taste buds. “a bunch”/8.1%
Damn of the Red. Medium bitterness and relatively smooth. I’ve found reds to be a hit and miss with me. I’d give this one a full pint of its own just for a second tasting. 49/7.7%
Mcfinnigan’s Scotch Ale. A little nutty even if it isn’t supposed to be. It got smoother as it went through the glass. 25/6.6%
Jailhouse Java Stout. Strong coffee flavor as expected but with other java stouts it hasn’t been this strong. It’s not bad. I like this coffee flavor and this is coming from someone that doesn’t really like coffee. Once the java flavor was gone I can taste more bitterness than I was expecting. 32/5.8%
Bootleggers Vanilla Nut Brown. Stronger nutty flavor and quite a good first taste. It stayed smooth and although it was last, it was my favorite for the night with a good taste. 20/5.2%
p.s. They don’t have that much of a food selection if that’s what you’re also looking for.

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