I have to admit that while jailbreaks are becoming harder and harder for the community to come out with, I want to say that I really appreciate their efforts to jailbreak the iphone and hope that there will be one for the iphone 8 and ios 11. My phone again lost the semi-tether for several hours and it’s painful. My folders are set at 5×5 icons instead of the annoying 3×3 that apple restricts you to. I have six icons in the dock instead of the four apple also restricts you to. My productivity being jailbroken is so much more than the apple walled garden. I understand their reasoning for fighting the jailbreaks… security. But honestly, many apple ‘ideas’ were simply taken from the jailbreak community and pushed forth as some innovation from apple. I don’t see apple innovating much these days, just tweaking and changing as technology improves. *sigh*.

I’m just glad rejailbreaking is simple for what I have right now and my device is back to normal. I hope not to have a restart anytime soon. What a hassel.


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