icloud photos delete hint

If you’re like me and you’ve found yourself with photos in icloud and you want to delete them, apple doesn’t make it easy. They really seem to want to make you click one by one to get rid of them using the ctrl or command-click. And if you mess up and click off a photo, you have to start over. There isn’t a shift click method or a select all method. I would say this is cause you to end up in depression about clicking hundreds or thousands of photos one by one to delete and just suck it up and pay for more storage. I think apple would say it’s a design feature so you don’t inadvertently delete the photos by accident.


However, I have found a faster way, if not a complete way. On the right side of the screen when you are looking at the photos, you’ll see the share button next to a group of photos. Click on that. It’ll ask where you want to share them. Don’t click (unless you do want to share them). But you’ll see that the photos are ALL selected in that group. Now just click on the trashcan and poof. Photos gone. Repeat for each group that needs deleting and you’ll be done quicker than selecting one by one.


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