self worth

apprehension. anxiety. stress.

words that just hearing them start to make our heart race and blood pressure go up. sometimes we don’t even know why we are stressed or worried. we just feel the tension inside and start to get worked up.

things tend to work out I have to remind myself. for all the times that I have stressed out I’m still doing pretty ok in life. work deadlines. trying to be organized. rushing to catch a flight. ok. I have missed a few flights in my time but things still worked out ok.

then others ‘make us’ stress more. no. we choose to increase our own anxiety.

take a break. go for a walk. close your eyes and take a few or a lot of deep breaths. hey, if you pass out it’s a temporary break at least. depending on what you are doing, no one is probably going to die.

enjoy the sun. relax. maybe you already feel a little better just taking the time to read. give a last good Ommm and breath and be renewed. you can handle it.


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