Things that make me go hmmmm…

Added to my Things That Are Confusing list…

I sent a message to local someone on a dating site to see if she would be interested in a friendship as I thought we had things in common but certain aspects were ‘off’ for something romantic. She replied that “Users on this website pay a lot of money in order to meet people in a romantic context. If from simply reading my profile you know that there is no romantic interest, then there is no reason for us to communicate further (or at all!).” Oops. Let that be a lesson to you all! You really can have too many friends it seems.

I get that maybe she’s so overwhelmed with responses and suitors that she may not have time for friends. Wow. I’m waiting for that to happen myself. Maybe then I’d better understand an offer for friendship instead of going out on a date.

-Confused In Albuquerque

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