Fear and loathing

How often do you find yourself in a moment where you start to wonder why you are doing what you are doing at that exact moment in time?

I have found myself on a documentary kick these past few weeks and I can say that I’m afraid. I’m scared out of my mind. Not completely debilitating but for a few moments I don’t think there was a single thought just emotions.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


Waiting for Superman

Forks Over Knives

Vanishing of the Bees

King Corn

Food, Inc

These documentaries have been on health, nutrition, diet, our food and our education system. All of those seem to me to be up at Code Red as potential national threats go. Unfortunately, we seem to be the real threat to ourselves. I don’t want this to be thought of a Yeah America. We rule! kind of ethnocentric thinking.


This is more of a what the hell have we done and is there even a chance to fix things!

I feel like I’ve been in a haze of thinking, not only of what are we doing to ourselves and our children but what have I been doing to myself. I’m hoping that I can keep these thoughts in my head and start putting my life and body back into a better place. I want to keep writing but I keep thinking about these movies and I think I’m done for now. I need to go meditate… or was that medicate?


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