lack of corporate responsibility


since i can log in and see my idevices (, it would be very nice and helpful from apple if i would be able to flag an item of mine (like my missing product red ipod nano 6th generation) and maybe even put in a lost item message so that the good samaritan that found it and hooked it up to their itunes would have a message pop up (since it’s the same serial number) with my message about a lost/missing item. there is no tracking software for it apple so i can’t use icloud to find it. apple doesn’t get directly involved in that way with the message as i see it. just a user service. so we can try and get our items back. i am one of those that is less willing to buy a new one knowing that apple keeps track of the serial numbers registered but isn’t willing to help get our items back.
-1 apple since you can manhunt for your lost products but won’t help us


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