Saved by the bell?

Climbing went well tonight. Just enough that my arms and legs were tired and my feet started cramping. As usual I was hungry afterward and dreaded eating. It’s not the actual eating part. It’s the making and cleaning part. Well. Maybe just the cleaning part. So I decided to head to Panda Express as a treat and to watch a movie when I got home. I reached the store about 5-10 minutes before they were supposed to close. To my shock the food was already taken up and they weren’t serving anymore. At first I was upset because now I have to actually make something unless I was going to go for some other fast food that I would like to avoid. But in retrospect it was a good thing. I didn’t really need it even though it can taste very yummy. Mmmm orange chicken. I was told I make a good stir fry and I had actually bought the vegetables earlier already so I might as well use them for dinner. Overall I guess it was a win. I made something healthier and didn’t spend money on something I really didn’t need even though I wanted it. Perhaps it’s time I kick into higher gear the cleaning of my house and start cooking for people again. I miss the experimenting on recipes to see how it will turn out as a different flavor combination. As long as the food comes out ok, I think people will be happy to try what my hands churn out of some indian foods I’ve been wanting to work on. Well, ’tis the season to be jolly. I’ll try and keep that in mind next time I’m tired and don’t want to cook.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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