Naivety. Not to be confused with nativity.

I only throw that last part in there because someone did confuse it. I felt it was well placed will the original idea so I included it.

Life constantly throws things at us, sometimes directly into our face so fast we can’t avoid it, and probably for the best once we realize it.

Naive/Naivety. I’ve heard it being used to classify someone who lacked awareness as well as someone just because of their innocence.

I’ve heard it used endearingly in someone innocent and not so nicely the other times.

Is it bad to be naive? I hear it usually being used in the negative against someone. “Get your head out of the sand and stop being so naive!”

I can say that I’ve been told it this way as well as the exasperated form of being innocent and trying to see good in others even when I ‘should’ know they aren’t.

I think it’s hard to stay a certain level of naive. Yes at times it does suck. People will choose to take advantage of me but I do it with open arms. I know I’m being taken advantage of and I still walk right into it. I find that people can show truer colors this way. It might hurt a lot up front but in the long run I can see who not to trust and that price is worth it. The hard part is trying not to get jaded and start mistrusting everyone.

Don’t misunderstand that last part. I am fully aware that I may not trust people from the get go but it becomes a blanket feeling and I accept it and try not to get jaded. It’s the not getting jaded part that is the hardest for me and the one that requires the most work. It’s easy to accept that people are capable of great goodness equally as well as deep evil. I had a lame creature (sub-human) this summer choose to take money from me as well as possibly steal from my home apparently because they can’t manage their own finances. I can accept this evil nature but struggle to be able to open up to someone else. The struggle actually became less once I accepted the nature of this thing.

Other things this summer have continued to push my boundary of trust, some blatantly destroyed the boundary they pushed against.

So. I ponder my choices? Continue on my path of hoping there is good out there in others or deviating onto a parallel path expecting a certain level of evil in others and hoping for the best.

Eh. Why change a good broken system? Guess I’ll stay naive.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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