A temporary ponderance while writing

I continue to enjoy the randomness of my mind and sometimes the inability to find the right search terms in seeking an answer the question I came up with. I say sometimes because without a webpage to refer to my mind gets to drift into possibilities of its own.

I still haven’t found the right terms yet or just haven’t searched enough but I wonder…

Is there a finite amount of light that can fit into a given space? Photons, packets, whatever. If there is a defined size/mass of light, can the amount be calculated given a specific volume of space? Why I ask this? I don’t know. It just popped into my head. What would even be the application of this? Not a freakin’ clue. Are there subatomic forces that will make things goofy depending on the space? (check out aluminum dust explosion). Maybe a physicist person out there sees this and can provide a link/links to help point in the right direction.

Time for the brain to jump to another thought. Time for lunch. Squirrel!

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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