Moving sites

As I’ve been trying to make a move from the to something else, I had way too much time looking over options. Not wanting to spend a lot of time managing as well as being scared about security threats and whatnot I’m trying (not I’ve gone to) Rapidpress on So far I have to say it’s been a pretty up and down experience. I talked to someone about a week ago on the site and he was great. Very knowledgeable and answered everything I thought I needed to know. Today I took the plunge and bought a year, since you can’t buy less or more. I understand that things can take time to switch internetwise but the this time when I called back for help, the woman at didn’t actually help very much. I would think if you are going to answer questions about a wordpress site with rapidpress, the people should know about wordpress. A logic I am trying not to think about. She tells me I should have an email from wordpress with login information. I don’t. The site goes up, the site goes down as DNS servers propagate I’m told by a third support person. As well when I log into my account it shows I bought rapidpress but when I click on it there is a message that pops up “RapidPress product could not be found in this account.” When I ask about this, I’m told that it means things are still happening in the background. I think they should change the message or at least add more information so it makes sense. I’m also wondering if followers and so forth can be moved over. That would suck if they couldn’t. If rapidpress doesn’t work out I don’t know if the site can be moved again. Overall, this isn’t my day. I will try and double post on the regular wordpress as well as, if and when it is up to do so.

-SFA looking for a miracle

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