Short and Sweet Movie Review: Chef

Chef. Directed by John Fauvre.

My quick synopsis:

Just a straight up good movie. See it.

If you want to know more, keep reading.

So I woke up this morning and was working around the house and very last minute I decided that I wanted to see a movie. Open browser and a list appears of so many movies. So many movies I have no desire to see. Chef though stood out. I remember having seen something about it before and so, off to the theater with two minutes to spare before it starts. One of the benefits of going to see movies early, especially on a saturday is that there usually aren’t that many people there. Another is that if it’s an early bird movie, it’s much cheaper. Not as cheap as the second run theater but far more manageable than an evening movie. I try not to think about an evening movie in 3D at the IMAX. I haven’t heard back yet from the loan department at the bank if they would fund that.

As expected the theater was lite on population but still more than I thought because it was early as well as a non-mainstream movie (guns, sex, violence, less thinking generally needed). I was able to get pretty good positioning for my seat. I’m crazy like that. I want to be at the theater early enough to get good seating usually. Being last minute I winged it knowing this wasn’t probably popular. About 2/3rds back and just left of center is my preference.

Oh. Another benefit. Getting there after it starts means less previews to sit through if you don’t want to see them.

As a movie review people usually talk about the plot and all that. But you can see it yourself to learn those details.

My impression: The movie had good characters that interacted well. Lots of cameos but they never detracted from the movie nor overshadowed it. The pacing was good and I never felt like I wanted it to move faster. At times I wanted it just a little slower but only because I was really enjoying the character interactions and wanted to see and know more. I feel for them and wanted to be a part of their world. It doesn’t help that I have secret (not anymore) ambitions to take cooking classes and wanted to be a chef. Yes watching the movie on an empty stomach didn’t help me and as I write this I’m at a brewery having a Milk Stout and Pretzels with queso. Even though I saw the ending of the movie coming I was happy for it. I wanted it to happen and let it add a few more tears to my face. It’s a story of what happened to one person that stopped following a passion and became complacent and his journey back to himself, a journey I feel I work on everyday to not “give in” to some notion of what is standard and “society” and just be myself, regardless of what I’m advised by others.

Here’s to the dreamers. Those who see what is around them and in their lives and continue pushing forward, struggling against external and self imposed obstacles to try and make a better tomorrow for others and themselves.


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