Place Review: Broken Bottle Brewery

I’ve been here in the past for Geeks Who Drink and enjoyed what I had at the time. They are a microbrewery. I also remember being embarrassed when someone in the group asked for a miller.

I’m back today because I’ve got some writing to do. Works as a reason to me. I had a Drunken Hobo Milk Stout at 8.3% ABV and the Warm Pretzels with queso and a side of mustard. I’m partial to the milk stouts. I like Left Hand’s Milk Stout also. I also like pretzels. Even with a partial lactose intolerance the queso is a must. The stout is good and while the pretzel became cold because I spent time writing and watching a UFC fight on the TV instead of eating, I continued eating it because it was tasty.

Come enjoy a good brew and pretzel if you are so inclined. They didn’t have food before but do now. Basic fare but I plan to come back to try something else (the Stinky Pink looks good based on grapefruit) while I work on more writing. Not a bad location to sit and ponder as I spill out letters onto the page.

Time to finish my food and drink and head back to some home projects to work on.


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