Short and sweet movie review: The Lunch Box

As typical this isn’t a mainstream movie but instead what is classified as independent. I usually define mainstream as sex, guns and violence with less thinking needed. I’ve seen independent movies with sex, guns and violence but they seem to more appropriate though. Moving on.

The Lunch Box is set in India. A country I know some about as I’m Indian but still distant from as I was born and raised in the Middle United States of North America or MUSNA. I’m ignoring Alaska and Hawaii for the moment as writing MUSNAWO is a lot longer. That’s the Middle United States of North America with Outliers. Sorta like when Agent Colsen in Iron Man spells out SHIELD until the end, I have yet to come up with a better world-centric acronym. Anyway.

It’s set in India and has to do with a lunch box, hence the title, The Lunch Box. If you’ve never heard about it or read about it, you can google the lunch box delivery service they have set up and that it really was studied for its incredible efficiency at delivering those meals. For this movie, the lunch box makes a wrong turn which helps set up the storyline. Good pacing and good lead characters. I feel a connection to them and believe them and their emotions. Back and forth we learn about each of their lives. One person not dominating over the other. The ending is what cinches this as a great movie and an independent one. It’s unclear. Just enough to drive me into a good crazy wondering about what’s going to happen. I’ve talked this over with others and we each had different ideas on the endings. I love it. I love being able to finish a movie and talk about it and ponder it and let it the unknown become something good to bring people together to talk. I felt similar with Silver Linings Playbook and Place Beyond the Pines. Both also very good movies.

See it (them). Let it sit in the back of you mind stewing and churning. Embrace the unknown and revel in not being spoon fed.


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